Charles Hopkins, EA

Founder of Simple Tax Strategies

Charles Hopkins teaches business owners how to save ten’s of thousands of dollars on their business taxes each year. He was a junior in college when his life was deeply impacted by working as a volunteer for the IRS–and since then he has dedicated his life to helping people build wealth. Since 2016, he and his team have generated over $25,307,218 in savings over the last 6 years nationwide–and generated financial freedom for many business owners within those 6 years. In 2016, he founded Hopkins Tax & Consulting–a company with a mission for his business owners to build a sustainable legacy and achieve wealth through tax savings strategies.

Charles believes that if he can drastically reduce the biggest expense that every business owner has, taxes, he can map out a solid plan to gain wealth instead of giving it to Uncle Sam. After investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into instructors, top tax strategists, and coaches nationwide he has developed a proven Tax Strategy Plan that’s certain to help successful entrepreneurs to stop overpaying the IRS, and start paying their future selves.

Charles is an Enrolled Agent, an EA is the highest credential that the IRS awards. This federal license allows him to represent business owners in all 50 states for any and all tax-related matters. He and his team have successfully helped just over fifteen hundred clients to plan the journey to achieve the lifestyles of their dreams.

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