J.B. Bolvadin

Chief Executive Officer

JB is a savvy sales coach whose industry demand is only exceeded by his experience. JB’s career in sales is lifelong—

Throughout the years he has trained over 4,000 business people and has formulated the perfect balance of sales and marketing. JB has trained brand new sales people to top sales producers spanning across many industries. His statistics prove his success: his clients have done over $100 million in transactions in the last two years and their figures continue to grow.

In the beginning of 2021, JB decided to start a Media company- TILRE MEDIA. Since its inception, his team has created over 500 expertly edited and marketed media projects that have helped our clients increase their exposure and get their name, quality of services and products known and quite frankly, loved.

JB also co-hosts along with his partner Ryan Riddle the largest conference for Entrepreneurs in the Metro NY region called The Entrepreneurship Conference.
JB has worked with Grant Cardone, Brad Lea, Tim Grover, and many more high level business people and influencers. His goal is to create 1 Million Millionaires, and his hope is to accomplish that goal by 2030 through educating the masses on Sales, Marketing, Promotion with Integrity.

3:30PM Patio

Sunday Chat Rooms