Jodie Sacco

Experienced Entrepreneur

Jodie Sacco is an Experienced Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Leader, Public Speaker, Certified Business Coach, Certified Executive Coach and a proud Board Member of Make-A-Wish® Southern Nevada!

Jodie has experience in all areas of business from starting as an entry-level employee to C suite Leadership, including team training, sales, marketing, operations & team synergy. Her drive is linked to her Vision to be of service and uplift communities through Business re-education as a Coach, Mentor and Philanthropist. She is a constant student of Personal Development and a Wanderluster of this world!

Her dreams of being a Diplomat were extinguished due to Affirmative Action hiring which was necessary during a post-Apartheid South Africa. She chose the Travel Industry as her Corporate Path where she evolved from a sales consultant to eventually be the Sales Director for American Express Corporate Travel, amongst other roles. Moving to the US in 2007 was a life-changing experience and afforded her the opportunity to grow in her Entrepreneurial skills from: Starting several highly successful businesses to being an awarded online Business Owner.

Jodie knows rejection, failure and adversity. More importantly, she knows resilience. This, among many other reasons, is why she is so passionate and fierce about finding results for her clients and in life!

1:30PM - 2:15PM The Study

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