Justin Kreger

President of Utopian Villas

My passion for the home building industry started at a very young age. My dad had me helping out with the family business building houses at the age of five. Fast forward 36 years, I am the President of three companies in the home building industry: Vertical Works, Inc (our modular home division started in 2006), Utopian Villas (our tiny home division started in 2015), and Riemer Remodel (our remodeling division started in 2021). I grew up in a small southeastern town in Wisconsin. While growing up, I was always involved in the modular home building process and worked for my dad throughout high school. I continued my education and earned my Associates Degree from Milwaukee Area Technical College in 2000. After graduation, I went to work for my dad and spent 6 years working in the field building modular homes. In 2006, I branched off on my own creating a company that manufactures the custom modular home sections. In early 2014, I took notice of the growing interest in tiny homes and that’s where the journey with Utopian Villas started. To separate ourselves from the rest of the tiny home industry, our market would be on the luxury side to better align with the high quality custom work we do for our modular homes. We spent close to a year doing research to help us develop new products that are superior and fix the gaps in the current market. In 2015, Utopian Villas was born and we released out first model called the Denali in 2016. Last year, we added a key employee to our company who had a strong background in remodeling homes. To keep diversifying the company, we started our remodeling division Riemer Remodel in 2021. We keep growing and have two factories where we build our custom homes, one in Wisconsin and one in Texas. Our goal is to have 5 factories across the US.
I currently reside in Cudahy, WI with my wife Christine. We have been together for 19 years and married for almost 6 years. When not working, I enjoy traveling and taking cruises with my wife. One of our favorite vacations was going to Jamaica last year. Ireland is one of the places on my bucket list I’d like to travel to. I also race my Honda RSX on road tracks, play goalie for the Chicago Blackhawks Sled Hockey team, and like trying new local restaurants.

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